You read it right! Tune into Boston Emissions on 100.7FM WZLX on Sunday, September 12th, from 10pm-12am to hear new music first! Special thanks to Anngelle Wood for letting us, once again, pollute the airwaves. We are forever in your debt!

You can also listen live online by going here!

Boston Emissions!


So, I found this video tape behind a dumpster at the Ninety-Nine in Chuck-Town last night (It’s a Superbowl tradition of mine to drink with the homeless). To my surprise it was my band, Roman Traffic, performing live on WZLX’s “Boston Emission’s”, with Anngelle Wood. So here it is! There was not much editing necessary (besides of course the Star Wars font), so enjoy and let us know what you think. The Acquired Attire rendition is next, stay tuned…


Yes, the much discussed Roman Traffic Stripped Down show is finally here! We’ve completely revamped our usual set so you can all come to a show where you can actually hear yourselves think! If you are thinking to yourself, “How is this going to work?”, go hear for yourself at our MySpace where we’ve posted “stripped” versions of Acquired Attire and Halls and Butchered Columns. Where did we get the inspiration for such an idea? Right here:

See you sexies at O’Brien’s! Doors are at 9pm!


Another late Sunday (pronounced “Sun-deee”) night at the WZLX studio and boy are we cranky when we’re tired! We want to thank our dear friend, Boston Emission’s host Anngelle Wood, for having us come by and spit out verbal diarrhea over the airwaves for the second week in a row. If you haven’t heard last night’s broadcast, we performed “stripped down” versions of Halls and Butchered Columns and Acquired Attire live and talked about music, cars for kids, and who wants all our stupid Gravehaven shirts. We should have a link to the podcast posted right here shortly. Until then, look at this! Click for more pics!

Pokin' Around

Howdy folks! Just a friendly reminder to tune into 100.7 FM WZLX tonight for Boston Emissions with host Anngelle Wood. We’re going to be hanging out in the studio talking about the recent name change, our upcoming tour and more. We’ll also be performing a few songs live on the air so you don’t want to miss out. The show runs from 10pm-12am and you can stream it online.

Click here to stream: WZLX



New Tunes, New Name

August 17, 2009

And you may ask yourself, who is Roman Traffic?
And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?
And you may ask yourself, do I know this band?
And you may tell yourself, wow, this new music sick, dude!

With the release of new music, the anticipation of our big fall tour, and some huge shows on the horizon, Gravehaven is psyched to be moving forward as Roman Traffic. A ton of thanks to Anngelle from Boston Emissions for having us on the show last night to debut our new songs and new name. Tune into her show every Sunday night from 10pm-midnight on its new home, 100.7FM WZLX, or We had a great time hanging with the dudes from Bang Camaro and our friends from Can’t wait to join the show again next week for a live in-studio performance!

More updates and exciting news coming this week, so keep coming back!

We love you,
Roman Traffic

Gravehaven will be announcing their new name officially on the debut of the new home of Boston Emmissions this Sunday, 8/16 on 100.7 WZLX. So listen in at 10PM, cause guess what… Anngelle will be playing the new tunes. Dun dun duuunnnnnn…

Also, we will be guests of the show on Sunday August 23 and playing a couple tunes live. Dig it.