Howdy Strangers! Didn’t see ya there!

So it’s been a while since we last talked to you and we feel really bad about it. Really, really bad. We have had an awful lot to say, too. We’ll give you the abridged version of all of that stuff now. Here are some questions we’ve been getting and I’ll supply you with some answers. Fun, right?

“I’ve heard you’re in the studio. Really? You guys have a singer?” – Yep. We’re in the studio with our new singer. That was fast, huh? He’s really awesome too! We’ll debut our first batch of new material with him in September and probably give you a cocktease before then.

“Who is he?” – Ehhh, give us a couple of weeks to think of a funny, stupid, and immature way to tell you. I promise, it will be worth the wait.

“Are you going to play shows soon?” – Yes! Can’t get into a lot of detail now, but by late September we’ll be smashing asses.

“What’s up with your site? Why does it look like trash?” – Good question. Coincidentally, right about the time that Ben left, our Word Press account expired so it looked like we stopped caring. We actually do care and are currently building an all new website that should go live by September.

“Wow, you guys have a lot planned in September” – I know. Tell me about it…

Lastly, as many of you know, our old singer and friend, Ben Grenville Garceau, was in an accident last month. He is now recovering at home in the good hands of his family and friends. There will be benefit shows for him over the next couple of months and we will have updates about those events here. Special thanks to Keep Me Conscious, SmallTown Stranded, and DJ Joey Green for turning their Rock The Boat Cruise last month into a fundraiser for Ben.

That’s all we’ve got for you now. Updates, videos, and music on the way. Gosh, how we’ve missed you!



As promised, here is the making of Calico part dos. Enjoy!

Busy writing! Sort of…

October 18, 2009

Just got home from a nice full weekend of writing and recording between our practice space and Matt’s up-and-coming home studio. Not really stuff that you could call “new”, but some new renditions of some of our favorite songs from “Calico” and “Three Four”. Even though live and recorded our songs can come across as heavy, we’re finding that they work really well as scaled back, stipped down songs too. If you heard our performance on WZLX a few weeks back, we were really inspired by how a song like “Acquired Attire” came out as a less distorted, waltz-esque feeling song. So we’ve chosen 6 songs from our catalogue and done a similar overhaul on each of them. It’s really surprising how well they are coming together. We’ll be performing them all in this rendition on November 6th at O’Brien’s in Allston. We’ll post more details in the next week or so as the date approaches but we figured we owed everyone an update on what we’ve been doing to keep busy.

Also, check back this week for some details on this Saturday’s gig at Dodge Street Bar & Grille in Salem, MA with Keep Me Concious. If you’re like us and like Halloween so much that you want to celebrate it a week early, this is the show for you. More to come…


Good evening! We just got back from the studio and boy are our ears tired. We wrapped up tracking basics tonight and all that’s left to do are vocals and some technical nonsense that you guys wouldn’t care about. We are recording two brand new songs with Alex Hatziyannis and they’re coming out great! We’ve been playing both songs at shows for a couple of months now so you might recognize them when you finally check them out. It will be a little while before you get to hear them but we’ve been filming our usual studio tomfoolery and our Nintendo high scores, so we’ll have snippets for you all soon. Until then, eat your greens and remember to wait a half an hour before swimming…


Tracking is done!

April 2, 2008

hello all of you people, just got through another week, actually it was our final week of tracking, both a release and a let down, just for the fact you dont get to spend 4 waking weeks overdosing on french press with your 4 fellow bandmates and their breakfast/dinner making splendors/trollops. i want to do it all over again, a lot of work but so much of an antic ridden voyage …it made showing up for work looking like you were wearing your appearance with the hanger still attached, a pleasure. so now its on…
oh and the guns were fun, and the red Barron flyer scooter from the 50’s

mixing is right around the corner…heading in the second week of April starting on the 10th. it will be roughly 4 days of hearing what we tracked and piecing the sweet harmonic mess together, with Mathew Ellard, AN ENGLISHMAN! right.  it will be a time of absolute attention….this is anal retentive weekend to make sure the record is deemed worthy of your ears. but that’s all from me for now, oh and make sure you tell Alex and Ben happy birthday and give them presents, money and pancakes whenever they deem it necessary. see ya