Howdy Strangers! Didn’t see ya there!

So it’s been a while since we last talked to you and we feel really bad about it. Really, really bad. We have had an awful lot to say, too. We’ll give you the abridged version of all of that stuff now. Here are some questions we’ve been getting and I’ll supply you with some answers. Fun, right?

“I’ve heard you’re in the studio. Really? You guys have a singer?” – Yep. We’re in the studio with our new singer. That was fast, huh? He’s really awesome too! We’ll debut our first batch of new material with him in September and probably give you a cocktease before then.

“Who is he?” – Ehhh, give us a couple of weeks to think of a funny, stupid, and immature way to tell you. I promise, it will be worth the wait.

“Are you going to play shows soon?” – Yes! Can’t get into a lot of detail now, but by late September we’ll be smashing asses.

“What’s up with your site? Why does it look like trash?” – Good question. Coincidentally, right about the time that Ben left, our Word Press account expired so it looked like we stopped caring. We actually do care and are currently building an all new website that should go live by September.

“Wow, you guys have a lot planned in September” – I know. Tell me about it…

Lastly, as many of you know, our old singer and friend, Ben Grenville Garceau, was in an accident last month. He is now recovering at home in the good hands of his family and friends. There will be benefit shows for him over the next couple of months and we will have updates about those events here. Special thanks to Keep Me Conscious, SmallTown Stranded, and DJ Joey Green for turning their Rock The Boat Cruise last month into a fundraiser for Ben.

That’s all we’ve got for you now. Updates, videos, and music on the way. Gosh, how we’ve missed you!




February 18, 2010

Hello World!

We have an important news flash! And no, it’s not about how the U.S. just DOMINATED the competition at the Olympics last night. We are officially in the studio and recording brand new material!

We were all very happy with how our last recording experience went, so we decided to return to working with Alex “The Greek” Hatziyannis at Old Folks Home Recording. Matt finished his drums and Mega Man 2 in record time over the weekend. From there, we’re doing things a little bit out of order to fit everyone’s busy schedules. Evan began tracking guitars and we’ll get started on bass tonight. Over this coming weekend we’ll get Alex (our Alex) shredding away and Ben laying down some vocals. We’re doing a lot of tracking outside of the studio this time and Matt has really stepped it up by dragging around his home studio equipment all over god’s creation to make all of this possible. Right now, if all goes as planned, you’ll have some new Roman Traffic by early spring.

This won’t be a full length record, but we are releasing a few songs out at a time throughout this year. When songs are ready, we’ll record them. It’s easier on us in the long run and gives us more time to focus on individual songs instead of a handful of songs while on a deadline. The two songs we’re recording now are some of the strongest songs we’ve written since Calico and Three Four, and we can’t wait for you to hear them.

Oh, and of course, we’re filming this shit. Be ready for video that will be sure to kill your brain cells.

Stay tuned!


Good evening! We just got back from the studio and boy are our ears tired. We wrapped up tracking basics tonight and all that’s left to do are vocals and some technical nonsense that you guys wouldn’t care about. We are recording two brand new songs with Alex Hatziyannis and they’re coming out great! We’ve been playing both songs at shows for a couple of months now so you might recognize them when you finally check them out. It will be a little while before you get to hear them but we’ve been filming our usual studio tomfoolery and our Nintendo high scores, so we’ll have snippets for you all soon. Until then, eat your greens and remember to wait a half an hour before swimming…


We are heading over to our ol’ buddy Alex Hatziyannis place to record a couple tracks in June. We are gonna try some type of live recording this time with hopes of a different type of feeling for the new songs. Two songs, “Halls and Butchered Columns” and Acquired Attire”. If you have been out to the past couple shows, you have heard them. So that’s exciting and we will let you guys know when they are worthy for your listening pleasure. Check out to see where we will be recording. If your in a band check this dude out!

Touring! August 28 – September 12. Oh so sweet. Hope to see you, YES YOU(!) out at one of the shows. If you have any leads on an amazing show or band in your area, let us know. We may just give em a call and fulfill your wildest dreams.

Finally, we are playing with the amazing KID:NAP:KIN and Jacob’s Ladder at Cafe 939 on June 5th. This is gonna be a friggin sweet show so get your ass out there and say hello! Get your tickets now on ticketmaster.


Greetings Earthlings

December 16, 2008

Yes, we are still alive…and yes we are writing new music! We have some exciting new opportunities and songs in the works which we will be unveiling soon. We will be working with a friend of ours in the preproduction of three new songs, which we are hoping will spark some more creativity and introduce some new instruments and ideas. Also we are working on doing a live radio performance at the end of January…more on that later. AND we are working on a new Boston show to give you guys your Gravehaven “fix” within the next couple of months. Oh, and we have some more reviews of Calico coming out next month. I’ll let you know when those start popping up and keep checking back for the latest!


We are a lucky band.  Lucky enough to have two film producers eager to document the recording of one of our songs!  Cody Signore and Spencer Campo came to Q Division Studios while we tracked basics for Calico, and caught us recording “Breach”, the 5th song on the new record.  The coolest part?  The video features the “Breach” master recording!  Check it out right here.

Home Videos

April 30, 2008

Nice! New video! Really late!

Anyways, the record is being mastered right now. We MIGHT just give you a new track if you come to the show at Church in Boston at the end of May. We also MIGHT have something special for you “out-of-towners.” Stay cool.

Ellard is a Beast

April 16, 2008

It’s Wednesday morning. We just finished sequencing the tracks last night and are prepping the files for mastering now. They sound so fucking good. Matthew Ellard did an amazing job mixing this record – we couldn’t have asked for a better mixes or a cooler guy to spend the weekend with.

We’ll have a new video up this weekend. In the meantime, check out these photos from mixing last weekend:



Ellard Board


Maine Recap

March 27, 2008

Besides the ghost that kept us awake on Saturday night, Maine was an extremely productive weekend! As anticipated our creative juices were flowing; so much in fact, we decided to write some new material that may just find its way onto our new record, Calico. We experimented with all sorts of things from vocal and guitar effects, to xylophone and accordion. That’s right, accordion…and don’t be surprised if you hear some banjo or mandolin…how about a grand piano or a leslie…maybe a tambourine or a wooden desk being hit with mallets…yup…how about a lighter or a deck of cards…you ever played the deck of cards before? Didn’t think so…perhaps the sounds of an ice pick in the snow or Ben whispering into the crisp Maine air.

Okay so we had a lot of free time. Check out some pics.





Basics! Part Deux

March 25, 2008

Please enjoy part deux of our Q Division basics video. – Topper