Howdy Strangers! Didn’t see ya there!

So it’s been a while since we last talked to you and we feel really bad about it. Really, really bad. We have had an awful lot to say, too. We’ll give you the abridged version of all of that stuff now. Here are some questions we’ve been getting and I’ll supply you with some answers. Fun, right?

“I’ve heard you’re in the studio. Really? You guys have a singer?” – Yep. We’re in the studio with our new singer. That was fast, huh? He’s really awesome too! We’ll debut our first batch of new material with him in September and probably give you a cocktease before then.

“Who is he?” – Ehhh, give us a couple of weeks to think of a funny, stupid, and immature way to tell you. I promise, it will be worth the wait.

“Are you going to play shows soon?” – Yes! Can’t get into a lot of detail now, but by late September we’ll be smashing asses.

“What’s up with your site? Why does it look like trash?” – Good question. Coincidentally, right about the time that Ben left, our Word Press account expired so it looked like we stopped caring. We actually do care and are currently building an all new website that should go live by September.

“Wow, you guys have a lot planned in September” – I know. Tell me about it…

Lastly, as many of you know, our old singer and friend, Ben Grenville Garceau, was in an accident last month. He is now recovering at home in the good hands of his family and friends. There will be benefit shows for him over the next couple of months and we will have updates about those events here. Special thanks to Keep Me Conscious, SmallTown Stranded, and DJ Joey Green for turning their Rock The Boat Cruise last month into a fundraiser for Ben.

That’s all we’ve got for you now. Updates, videos, and music on the way. Gosh, how we’ve missed you!



Ain’t no party like an RT party!

Our triumphant return to Boston since last year is on April 2nd at Church! Mark your calendars and head to your nearest Wal-Mart for an Animal T-Shirt! This is going to be an amazing night. Bands on the bill are Social Hero (our boys from NYC), The Luxury (our friendly competition and winners of the 2009 WBCN Rumble), Lunic (new friends from NY), and The Lights Out (our bros from Boston). All in attendance shall be decked out in Animal Shirts or be prepared for some serious public humiliation.

We’ll be debuting some new stuff and busting out some old tunes too for you veterans.

69 Kilmarnock Street
Boston, MA 02215

We’ll see you there! Oh, and that new music we’ve been recording? You’ll be hearing that reeeeeeal soon too.




Busy week coming up for us Roman Traffic dudes… Practice tonight for a show tomorrow in Worcester, MA at The Lucky Dog. Its a benifit show for The Wetzel Center Playground in Worcester. It’s for a good cause so come on out and have some fun with us, a couple drinks perhaps??

Next, we are heading into the studio Saturday morning with our boy Alex at Old Folks Home Recording Studio (Wilmington, MA) to track drums for a couple songs we are hoping to release soon. These songs may or may not be ready to release in April, we are doing our best to get them for you guys ASAP, but you can’t rush these things! So that’s it for now, see you guys tomorrow in Worcester!



Howdy! Some cool news for ya’s! Our song “Acquired Attire” has been selected for Sonicbids’ annual compilation CD! Out of the thousands of bands who have electronic press kits on we are honored that they chose us. The compilation will be distributed at various music festivals and conferences. No word yet on what other bands were selected but we’ll keep you posted! Want to get your hands on one? We’ll get details for you soon!

And also, we’ve started booking our shows for 2010! Keep checking the Shows section right here and our MySpace for updates!

Off to practice in a bit to continue working on writing. We’ve got a couple of new ones ready to go but we’re still feeling creative. Video coming soon.



Hello Hello. Thanks to everybody who made it to our stripped down show at O’Brien’s! After weeks of rehearsing and rewriting our songs for this show, seeing all of you there really made it pay off. We’re working on getting some video up here so stay tuned for that!

Last weekend we played at Cousin Larry’s in Danbury, CT. Fun show. It was the first time we played our normal set in a while so it was good to rock out. The drive home felt like forever. We (and when I say “we”, I mean “I”) went the wrong way on the highway and had to drive for like 20 miles to get to an exit to turn around. Every mile after that was a struggle. We camped out at my compound out here in central Mass. It still smells like 5 unhygenic dudes in here. When we woke up we got breakfast at Dan’s Diner (Best Dan Breakfast in Town!) and got our oil changed by swindlers! After that, back to the compound for some quality Turbo Grafx male bonding. Alex destroyed us. For someone who gave up games ages ago, he’s still got it when it comes to one of the most obscure consoles of all time. After this rant I’m practicing.

This Saturday we are heading to NYC to play with our homies in Social Hero at the Ace of Clubs! Always a blast hanging out with those guys. So anyone in NYC that missed us on our fall tour with Keep Me Conscious, here’s your chance. We’ll be testing some new stuff on you guys before we go into hibernation for the winter. Oh don’t be sad, we’ll still be playing some shows here and there! The big plan is to get back into the swing of writing. We’ve got some pretty great ideas, but now it’s time to put them all together and make something spectacular. And if we can’t do spectacular, then we’ll just settle for something that passes as mediocre. But we’ll try our best!

Aaaaannnywho, we hope to see you all in New York this weekend. You all get one cheap shot for the Yankees for winning, but one only!

Love you,


Happy Halloween!

November 2, 2009

Hello there! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

We were fortunate enough this year to celebrate Halloween twice. Last weekend we played at Dodge Street in Salem with KMC and High Tolerance. Man, what a great show. Always good to see a whole crowd rocking Halloween costumes a week before the actual holiday.

Here’s a sick video of the show, filmed by Bob Bowser from Keep Me Conscious and edited by the one and only Matty A!

Come back soon. We’ll be talking about this Friday’s special “Stripped Down” show!

Busy writing! Sort of…

October 18, 2009

Just got home from a nice full weekend of writing and recording between our practice space and Matt’s up-and-coming home studio. Not really stuff that you could call “new”, but some new renditions of some of our favorite songs from “Calico” and “Three Four”. Even though live and recorded our songs can come across as heavy, we’re finding that they work really well as scaled back, stipped down songs too. If you heard our performance on WZLX a few weeks back, we were really inspired by how a song like “Acquired Attire” came out as a less distorted, waltz-esque feeling song. So we’ve chosen 6 songs from our catalogue and done a similar overhaul on each of them. It’s really surprising how well they are coming together. We’ll be performing them all in this rendition on November 6th at O’Brien’s in Allston. We’ll post more details in the next week or so as the date approaches but we figured we owed everyone an update on what we’ve been doing to keep busy.

Also, check back this week for some details on this Saturday’s gig at Dodge Street Bar & Grille in Salem, MA with Keep Me Concious. If you’re like us and like Halloween so much that you want to celebrate it a week early, this is the show for you. More to come…


Remember how I promised some news about a surprise show last night? Well here it is! This Friday, October 9th, we will be playing at the Pickled Onion with Keep Me Conscious for drummer Rob Wu’s birthday! We’re stoked to be sharing the stage with them again! Definitely make sure to come by, and pleeease, say hi to Rob when you’re there! He’s really a great guy, but he has a lot of different “looks”. So to help you spot him in the crowd, here’s a reference guide for you! I personally like him best in acid-wash jeans. Happy B Day Rob!


Good morning! Tickets are on sale for Friday night’s show at The Middle East Upstairs. Still trying to figure out if we’re calling it our Return or our Debut… but either way, we hope to see you all there as this is our hometown kick off for our tour with Keep Me Concious! The Vital Might and The States will also be playing to make this one of the best bills we’ve ever been on. We will have brand new T-Shirts and our new FREE split CD with Keep Me Concious at our Merch table so come and get em’! We’ll be giving away a bunch of left over Gravehaven T’s too so you can sell them on eBay as collector items or you can use them as rags while you wait for your Sham-Wow to arrive.

You can buy tickets online at by clicking below (please ignore that it still calls us Gravehaven):

Roman Traffic at The Middle East

If you want to dodge service fees you can head right down to the Middle East Box Office and get tickets there too. This show will sell-out so don’t be that guy!


Hey guys, sorry for the confusion, but we are in fact headlining tonights show at Milly’s in Manchester. Show still starts at 9pm but Roman Traffic is closing the night. It’s okay, I wouldn’t want to go on after us either!

Just kidding, we’re terrible.

Just kidding, we’re awesome!