This song used to be new, but now it’s old… It may be new to you, but then again, you’re probably old.

We decided to release this song today to get you pumped up about next Friday’s show at Church of Boston on April 2nd. We recorded this one a bit differently than our last recordings in that we recorded and mixed the album almost entirely by ourselves! We did have lots of help from our music-master-mind friend Alex Hatziyannis (Old Folks Home Studios) on recording the drums and mastering the project, so a big “Thanks!” goes out to him. You can download “Old New” as well as the two songs we released late last year using the widget below.

We hope to see all your shining faces on April 2nd where we will be playing all your favorite songs (new and old), rocking the shit out of our animal t-shirts, and saying goodbye to our singer Ben as this will be his last Boston show with Roman Traffic.