I think the video explains it all…


Our show last night at Cousin Larry’s in Danbury, CT was pretty sick. We received a killer response and decided to let some of the locals re-name our songs. Alta Mira from Albany, NY was very impressive and our blood brothers, Social Hero, blew us away as always. We’re really looking forward to bringing them up to Boston to kick off our show at CHURCH on Friday, April 2ND! They’re a bunch of super great dudes from NYC and they straight up know how to rock the stage. Other notable tidbits from our trip include a grueling 3 hour drive there and back which consisted of periodic flatulence and obsessive consumption of energy drinks. I can say now that I “feel” (as I write this on the can) that we’ve probably eaten enough meat gun product (taco bell) and egg frisbees (Micky D’s) for the month. I’m curious as to how the other guys are fairing right now. Special thanks to Super 8 – our preferred hotel of choice – for being so hospitable and yet making us feel so uncomfortable at check in. At least there was AC that we couldn’t shut off and a total of 1 towel for us all to share in the morning!

That’s all for now. We’ve got lots of exciting stuff in the works, so stay tuned for an update in a few days!


To everyone that came out to see us at Church on Friday, thank you! It was great, and we had a lot of fun. Also, thanks to the other GREAT bands that played, they were all unique and kicked ass in their own unique way. YEAH! The Boston Celtics won the Eastern conference Finals just as we ended one of our songs, so thanks to those guys for not making the crowd depressed. A Boston sports team loss affects mood greater than anything. I should know, I still have nightmares about Aaron Boone.


Update on the CD….we are sending out for manufacturing very soon, and are making available ONE track for download on our new site HTTP://CALICO.GRAVEHAVEN.COM. The catch is that you must come out to a show and get a dropcard from us with your personal password to access it. Think of it as a FREE Gravehaven Gift Card. Along with the Track, you can download the Album artwork and videos from the recording sessions. Remember, IT’S FREE!! Just ask us, and it’s yours!


Hope all it well out there in internet land