Ain’t no party like an RT party!

Our triumphant return to Boston since last year is on April 2nd at Church! Mark your calendars and head to your nearest Wal-Mart for an Animal T-Shirt! This is going to be an amazing night. Bands on the bill are Social Hero (our boys from NYC), The Luxury (our friendly competition and winners of the 2009 WBCN Rumble), Lunic (new friends from NY), and The Lights Out (our bros from Boston). All in attendance shall be decked out in Animal Shirts or be prepared for some serious public humiliation.

We’ll be debuting some new stuff and busting out some old tunes too for you veterans.

69 Kilmarnock Street
Boston, MA 02215

We’ll see you there! Oh, and that new music we’ve been recording? You’ll be hearing that reeeeeeal soon too.