Hey! We made it! This weekend we enjoyed the shit out of ourselves at The Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, PA, but not before making a pit stop in Toms River, NJ to play with our beloved rockstar friends in Social Hero. We sadly missed their set due to our 7 hour drive of death from Boston and were pretty close to missing our own, but somehow we pushed old Laverne through traffic jams and construction zones to make it in time. The late night crowd at McIntire’s Pub were great and we thank them for their patience! We would like to extend a special thanks to Social Hero for accidentally leaving items in our van that proved to be extremely valuable to us for the rest of the weekend. Social Hero, we love you.

Launch was fucking terrific and we thank Rick Gadd and Jeremy Weiss for having us. We hope they have us back next year. We also hope that the Marriott in downtown Lancaster has us back too, but I don’t think that smell is ever coming out of Room 1015. To everyone who made it out to our set Saturday night, you are brave souls. The temperature dropped and the wind picked up soon before our start time and we feared that everyone would bail. But as soon as the wind came, it left and we played a fun set of old and new songs.

Saturday also marked the last gig for Ben in our band. It wasn’t like a buzz kill or a dark cloud over the weekend at all. In fact, the topic of Ben’s exit barely came up. No teary eyed goodbye. No sense of things being over. It was just a great, long weekend trip amongst friends and we happened to fit in a couple of hours worth of music together. Nobody wanted to spoil the moment I guess. As we always do, we networked, promoted our music hard, and made new friends & fans because we will push forward and continue doing what we love to do. What will our music sound like in the future? Only time will tell and it will tell soon. The next member in Roman Traffic has some big shoes to fill, but they are out there and we will find them. Ben will be missed and we wish him the best on all his future endeavors. We all grew together as musicians, songwriters, and people and he will always be our brother. We will look back and charish those days always, but now it is time to look forward to the new days and experiences to come.

So now the search begins…

Love always,



Hey Everyone!

We are getting ready for our debut at the Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, PA on Saturday night, April 17TH @ 8:15pm. We’ll be tearing it up at Isaac’s Restaurant & Deli, http://www.isaacsdeli.com. From what I hear, this place is an area favorite; an amazing sandwich shop with all the fixins and a Flamingo french bread sandwich that is to die for. But before all that, we’ll be making a pit stop on Thursday night, April 15TH to hook up with our bros Social Hero. We’ll be sharing the stage with them at McIntyre’s Pub in Toms River, NJ. We are super pumped for these shows so come on out and rock with us. It’s sure to be a blast!


Animal House!

April 3, 2010

Much thanks to everyone who came out to CHURCH of Boston last night to support us in our last Boston show with Ben. We truly appreciate everyone who helped pack the place and make it a memorable show. All the bands were awesome and the animal shirts were immaculate. If your shirt is below, be proud. You’re now part of a very special, elite club. Cheers!


I think the video explains it all…

This song used to be new, but now it’s old… It may be new to you, but then again, you’re probably old.

We decided to release this song today to get you pumped up about next Friday’s show at Church of Boston on April 2nd. We recorded this one a bit differently than our last recordings in that we recorded and mixed the album almost entirely by ourselves! We did have lots of help from our music-master-mind friend Alex Hatziyannis (Old Folks Home Studios) on recording the drums and mastering the project, so a big “Thanks!” goes out to him. You can download “Old New” as well as the two songs we released late last year using the widget below.

We hope to see all your shining faces on April 2nd where we will be playing all your favorite songs (new and old), rocking the shit out of our animal t-shirts, and saying goodbye to our singer Ben as this will be his last Boston show with Roman Traffic.


We regretfully announce that our vocalist Ben has left Roman Traffic due to personal reasons. We have had many great years of writing, collaborating, recording and touring with Ben, not to mention the brotherhood bond that bandmates ultimately enjoy. He will be sorely missed, and we wish him all the luck in the world moving forward in life.

We will be rocking at Church of Boston on April 2nd as a send off show for our friend. Its also an Animal Shirt party, so wear your finest Animal tee and have a kick ass night with us!

Even losing such an important piece like Ben will not end Roman Traffic. We will be continuing on as a foursome until we can fill the missing role. Keep coming back for updates on our progress as we move on to the next chapter of Roman Traffic’s existence.

We would like to thank everyone for listening to our efforts with Ben as vocalist, and for supporting us through thick and thin.

-Evan and Roman Traffic

Ain’t no party like an RT party!

Our triumphant return to Boston since last year is on April 2nd at Church! Mark your calendars and head to your nearest Wal-Mart for an Animal T-Shirt! This is going to be an amazing night. Bands on the bill are Social Hero (our boys from NYC), The Luxury (our friendly competition and winners of the 2009 WBCN Rumble), Lunic (new friends from NY), and The Lights Out (our bros from Boston). All in attendance shall be decked out in Animal Shirts or be prepared for some serious public humiliation.

We’ll be debuting some new stuff and busting out some old tunes too for you veterans.

69 Kilmarnock Street
Boston, MA 02215

We’ll see you there! Oh, and that new music we’ve been recording? You’ll be hearing that reeeeeeal soon too.



Our show last night at Cousin Larry’s in Danbury, CT was pretty sick. We received a killer response and decided to let some of the locals re-name our songs. Alta Mira from Albany, NY was very impressive and our blood brothers, Social Hero, blew us away as always. We’re really looking forward to bringing them up to Boston to kick off our show at CHURCH on Friday, April 2ND! They’re a bunch of super great dudes from NYC and they straight up know how to rock the stage. Other notable tidbits from our trip include a grueling 3 hour drive there and back which consisted of periodic flatulence and obsessive consumption of energy drinks. I can say now that I “feel” (as I write this on the can) that we’ve probably eaten enough meat gun product (taco bell) and egg frisbees (Micky D’s) for the month. I’m curious as to how the other guys are fairing right now. Special thanks to Super 8 – our preferred hotel of choice – for being so hospitable and yet making us feel so uncomfortable at check in. At least there was AC that we couldn’t shut off and a total of 1 towel for us all to share in the morning!

That’s all for now. We’ve got lots of exciting stuff in the works, so stay tuned for an update in a few days!


Well I guess that pretty much says it all. OHHH, and it’s with our good friends Social Hero, so if you’re in the area come say hi to us at the fried chicken joint next door.

Cousin Larrys
Danbury, CT

What happens when we try recording music on our own? A lot of nonsense, that’s what. We asked Evan to edit together some footage of us recording, but sadly this is all we gave him to work with. Because we realize that this video is pretty much 4 minutes of bullshit, we added some bullshit for the soundtrack too! Ladies and Gentlemen, the world premiere of our demo from 1996, “Bacon Fat”! Seriously though, if this video doesn’t make you laugh then you have no soul.

Van – Hay – Line