BENefit show for Ben Garceau

We are going to be rocking the stage at Milly’s Tavern (500 Commercial Street, Manchester, NH) this Saturday night, September 25th for a great cause. Check out the Facebook Invite for all the details, but let me just say, this is going to be amazing. We have gathered a serious lineup of awesome bands including us, Keep Me Conscious, RIBS, Small Town Stranded and Halfway To Avalon. We will be selling our old merch, in which all the proceeds go to Ben Garceau’s medical expenses, and with a purchase you get our new two song CD for FREE. Hope to see you there! Come say hello!




One Week Away…

August 31, 2010

The plan is to have something for you to see and hear next Tuesday, September 7th! It will be a sort of update on what we have been doing lately and of course introducing our new singer, Christopher! We have been working tirelessly recording music, mixing songs, getting married (Official Roman Traffic Congratulations to Alex and Erin!), and writing all at once! It has been such a busy and overwhelming summer, an emotional rollercoaster if I may… We are excited to show you the new tunes and play them for all of you very soon. We have a couple of shows booked (check the “shows” section) and we are working on some more, so stay tuned… C U Next Tuesday!


Heya friendos!

As most of you know, our friend Ben Grenville Garceau is in need of some serious monetary help. His recent injury has resulted in an outlandish hospital bill and he needs us, his friends, more than ever. This Saturday, August 14th is your chance to help! Come out to the raddest, most awesomest benefit you’ve ever seen with your eyeballs. We will be there, performing a song from our 2008 EP “Calico” with our friends from The Luxury; Jason Dunn and Steve Foster on vocals. It is one of my favorite songs, and one of Ben’s best vocal performances that I can remember, so it should be a great moment for us and all the people out there that appreciated Ben’s otherworldly talent.

The show is a Benefit to help our friend in his time of need, and will be hosted by the always venerable Anngelle Wood from WZLX! Donations can be made at the show, so if you can, give a great guy some relief in these tough times. Be there!

Saturday, August 14th at Harpers Ferry, Brighton MA

THE LUXURY (special guest appearance by Roman Traffic)


We’ll see you there!


From the wise words of Joe Dirt, “you gotta keep on keepin’ on”. And that’s exactly what Roman Traffic is doing right now. We are writing music, recording music and auditioning singers all in the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned, cause if all goes well, we should be playing some shows this fall. Thanks for being patient! In the meantime, listen to these killer local bands…

Vending Machetes
Grass is Green
Keep Me Conscious
The Luxury
The Lights Out
Social Hero

I think the video explains it all…

Well I guess that pretty much says it all. OHHH, and it’s with our good friends Social Hero, so if you’re in the area come say hi to us at the fried chicken joint next door.

Cousin Larrys
Danbury, CT

What happens when we try recording music on our own? A lot of nonsense, that’s what. We asked Evan to edit together some footage of us recording, but sadly this is all we gave him to work with. Because we realize that this video is pretty much 4 minutes of bullshit, we added some bullshit for the soundtrack too! Ladies and Gentlemen, the world premiere of our demo from 1996, “Bacon Fat”! Seriously though, if this video doesn’t make you laugh then you have no soul.

Van – Hay – Line


February 25, 2010

Just in case you were wondering what our makeshift studio looks like… More pictures and video to come.

Heya! Word hit today that we will be performing at the April LAUNCH Music Conference in Lancaster, PA! This is another great opportunity for us to bring the rock where the rock is needed. We can’t wait to hook up with all the bands and people that are performing or involved with LAUNCH we have met, hung out with, got drunk with. We also can’t wait to play with the countless amazing bands that will no doubt be rocking downtown Lancaster.

LAUNCH is a pretty big deal, last years big acts included Dredg and Torche, so, there you go. If you are in the Lancaster area and want to see some amazing music, check out the LAUNCH website below for info on the conference, along with the acts and venues.

Here is our venue and a list of set times:

25 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 394-5544


600-630 A+ Dropouts
645-715 Howling Hour
730-800 The Shackletons
815-845 Roman Traffic
900-930 The Proxy
945-1015 Stinging Nettles

See ya there, Pennsylvania!


Busy week coming up for us Roman Traffic dudes… Practice tonight for a show tomorrow in Worcester, MA at The Lucky Dog. Its a benifit show for The Wetzel Center Playground in Worcester. It’s for a good cause so come on out and have some fun with us, a couple drinks perhaps??

Next, we are heading into the studio Saturday morning with our boy Alex at Old Folks Home Recording Studio (Wilmington, MA) to track drums for a couple songs we are hoping to release soon. These songs may or may not be ready to release in April, we are doing our best to get them for you guys ASAP, but you can’t rush these things! So that’s it for now, see you guys tomorrow in Worcester!