Hi, I’m Christopher!

September 7, 2010

In May of this year, I auditioned for a band that I had never heard of before. The band had a good solid following, multiple self-released albums under their belt, and a tight, hard-hitting sound that was a bit different from what I was used to playing, but not by too long a stretch. I had just relocated myself to Boston a month prior, the very same month they lost their former frontman, and was seeking a band to pump out some hot jams with. As it turned out, they were interested in pumping out some hot jams with me as well, and after just a couple rehearsals we had some hot jams that were ready to be laid down (or, pumped out).

After busting some serious gonads for three months solid, we’re proud to be releasing our first two singles, unveiling a new website, and announcing some upcoming tour dates which you most assuredly will not want to miss if you live in the vicinity of. And if all of this talk doesn’t excite you, then be sure and check out the new video we made while recording “Thirst”. If THAT doesn’t excite you? Well then my friends, I’ve got nothing. So here it is, the new Roman Traffic. I hope you all enjoy what we’ve been working so hard to create, and I look forward to seeing you all at the shows!



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