-Honorable Discharge-

April 20, 2010

Benjamin Grenville

Alex Brahms

Matt Arsenault


Evan Crisman


Steve Hart

If one could only grasp the feeling of brotherhood, dividing the concept until it birthed an unmistakably descriptive scene, thats Roman Traffic. over the last many years with these four individuals i have seen the separate characteristics in them that yield nothing less than the utmost quality, in what i consider to be, some of the best friends and musicians I have ever known. they carry an awe

ing sense of humor and talent than can not only boast a high intellect and prestige, but also gives a person something to look forward to after pulling through the day-to-day monotonous routines of work and/or obligations.

Funny how not so long ago I was getting rides to work from this kid Evan Crisman in a Maroon Saturn station wagon. I met this guy through working sales. at that time i had no car, and after we both quit a corporate company he went else where but called a short time later asking if I needed work and still offered to hook it up with rides until i got on my feet and could get a car of my own. I agreed, joined a new job. One day he says, ” listen man, i have band practice tonight in Littleton MA and totally forgot about it. Do you mind just hanging out and ill bring you back after?” It was never a problem at all… soon after the trip to Littleton became routine and I would go in, say hey to the guys and go lay down on this beer soaked dirt filled couch and throw this weird random blue sleeping bag over my head so they wouldn’t blow out my eardrums. The funny thing about going to their practices at that time was that I pretty much fell asleep about 15 minutes into it, ALWAYS. I Would wake up when the music stopped. it was like someone took away my pancakes.

Later on Evan and Matt and I got into a place on Main Street in Medford MA and most of you know exactly what that place was like hahah, I wont get into it…. anyway, so matt one day asked if I wanted to join up and do vocals for their band because Evan mentioned I did some music on the side. I thought id take a crack at it. I tried out. amazed they wanted me in after the try out, I joined. Back then we were called GraveHaven. We started playing small venues and taking small, steady, and gradual steps to where we are now. never regressing but taking in every opportunity we could and nurtured it to see what it would become. Its become an evolution of five lives, backgrounds, writing styles, ideas, influences, experiences and relationships that made us who we are now. I have nothing but love for this experience. i am honored to have the brief chance in history, as friends and band mates, to grow and create an intertwining idea and portrayal of music.

I want to personally say thank you to:

Alex Brahms: Guitar, Vocals
Matt Arsenault: Drums
Steve Hart: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Evan Crisman: Guitar, Vocals

Philip Lajeunesse
Eric Keating



I give you my farewell and blessings to all of you and know that you will be a part of me always.

…..“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”

Benjamin Grenville Garceau


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