Our trip to Launch and saying goodbye to an old friend.

April 19, 2010

Hey! We made it! This weekend we enjoyed the shit out of ourselves at The Launch Music Conference in Lancaster, PA, but not before making a pit stop in Toms River, NJ to play with our beloved rockstar friends in Social Hero. We sadly missed their set due to our 7 hour drive of death from Boston and were pretty close to missing our own, but somehow we pushed old Laverne through traffic jams and construction zones to make it in time. The late night crowd at McIntire’s Pub were great and we thank them for their patience! We would like to extend a special thanks to Social Hero for accidentally leaving items in our van that proved to be extremely valuable to us for the rest of the weekend. Social Hero, we love you.

Launch was fucking terrific and we thank Rick Gadd and Jeremy Weiss for having us. We hope they have us back next year. We also hope that the Marriott in downtown Lancaster has us back too, but I don’t think that smell is ever coming out of Room 1015. To everyone who made it out to our set Saturday night, you are brave souls. The temperature dropped and the wind picked up soon before our start time and we feared that everyone would bail. But as soon as the wind came, it left and we played a fun set of old and new songs.

Saturday also marked the last gig for Ben in our band. It wasn’t like a buzz kill or a dark cloud over the weekend at all. In fact, the topic of Ben’s exit barely came up. No teary eyed goodbye. No sense of things being over. It was just a great, long weekend trip amongst friends and we happened to fit in a couple of hours worth of music together. Nobody wanted to spoil the moment I guess. As we always do, we networked, promoted our music hard, and made new friends & fans because we will push forward and continue doing what we love to do. What will our music sound like in the future? Only time will tell and it will tell soon. The next member in Roman Traffic has some big shoes to fill, but they are out there and we will find them. Ben will be missed and we wish him the best on all his future endeavors. We all grew together as musicians, songwriters, and people and he will always be our brother. We will look back and charish those days always, but now it is time to look forward to the new days and experiences to come.

So now the search begins…

Love always,



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