Guest Post: Maty from Keep Me Conscious, 109 Beers

September 8, 2009

Day 6 of the Two Vans One Trailer Tour!

We have the day off and are resting at a really nice camp site in Ohio while Bob gets some routine maintenance done on our van. They have showers and clean bathrooms. All the comforts of home. Oh yay tour! Our fellow campers are super nice and neighborly. They have patios built on to their campsites and everything. Beer and horseshoes will pass the time nicely. The Mayor here helped us park our vans in a convenient spot.

The show last night at HI-FI rocked. It was a sick rock club in Lakewood, Ohio with awesome sound and lights. Thanks to Dana and Skully. It was “kick-the-keg” night and you know that’s exactly what we did. 109 beers later that’s the type of mayhem that has been occurring on this tour. The other bands were awesome. Endo Orphans, Maid Mayriad, and Space Goblin were all swell. Chelsea, who was bartending that evening, took a nice photo of all of us that can be viewed at Check it out. We’ll see you when we get back.

Much Love,
Maty Vamp
Keep Me Conscious


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