Get tickets now for Friday night’s show at The Middle East!

August 25, 2009

Good morning! Tickets are on sale for Friday night’s show at The Middle East Upstairs. Still trying to figure out if we’re calling it our Return or our Debut… but either way, we hope to see you all there as this is our hometown kick off for our tour with Keep Me Concious! The Vital Might and The States will also be playing to make this one of the best bills we’ve ever been on. We will have brand new T-Shirts and our new FREE split CD with Keep Me Concious at our Merch table so come and get em’! We’ll be giving away a bunch of left over Gravehaven T’s too so you can sell them on eBay as collector items or you can use them as rags while you wait for your Sham-Wow to arrive.

You can buy tickets online at by clicking below (please ignore that it still calls us Gravehaven):

Roman Traffic at The Middle East

If you want to dodge service fees you can head right down to the Middle East Box Office and get tickets there too. This show will sell-out so don’t be that guy!



6 Responses to “Get tickets now for Friday night’s show at The Middle East!”

  1. TVM said

    Can’t wait dudes!

  2. Sarah C said

    A haiku:

    Oh Roman Traffic
    Face melting sounds do abound
    At the Middle East

  3. Sarah C said

    Ode to Roman Traffic:

    Oh Roman Traffic
    Thy skills are renowned across the land
    As a bande most fantastical.

    Hurtling guitar licks and vocals
    Bringing the fire-drake of the high-battled horde.
    Fancies loud enough to waken those sleeping

    Thy sounds make bold thy young fans
    Heady thrusting of thy embossed heads to the lusty beats
    And loud merriment at each division

    Oh Roman Traffic
    Don thy instruments and play a canton
    Thus, thy crowd shall lookest upon thee and proclaim
    “A finer bande there is none.”

    Ay, young bloods, mine words are true

  4. Polly said

    How about your “Returning Debut”?

    or Rebut? or Deturn?

  5. Aliki said

    Anypomonw na sas dw tin Paraskeyi!!!

    -there…your first Greek post; can’t get any cooler than that!

  6. Polly said

    A Limerick:

    There once was a band from Boston
    Whose music was really quite awesome
    Roman Traffic’s their name
    They aim to have fame
    They should take their act to Austin

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